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Karen Marshall

Naked Leader Week – 30 – 16 November 2003

After having a dig in The Naked Leader at the founders of NLP, and it leading to the wrath of many people. I invited Karen Marshall, an NLP Executive Leadership Coach whom I greatly respect, to a 100-ish word debate with me:

In the Red Corner – Karen Marshall

“Although NLP has developed its own jargon, most NLP practitioners now use plain English. NLP has brought powerful techniques on rapport, learning the skills of great leaders, and choice, to the mass market. Its techniques are well-proven, and the founders’ falling-out is irrelevant to this. I have the highest respect for to the genius of the originators of NLP. Their work and dedication to helping others achieve their desired outcomes is second to none.

David uses a lot of NLP, and the choices he writes about are at the very heart of NLP thinking, so he should be more supportive of something that is serving him so well!”

In the Blue Corner – David Taylor

“NLP is very powerful; no-one is denying that, it brings together many proven methods for powerful change. Sadly it has become too full of its own invented jargon e.g. “anchoring” and “modelling,” and obsessed with its own importance. This places the focus on the process itself and the power with the NLP practitioner, rather than on the results, and the person being helped. This is the wrong way round. And yes, considering rapport is at its heart, Richard Bandler, especially, does his own discipline no favours by resorting to making lawyers richer, for which the reputation of NLP is poorer.”

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