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Key How-Tos from Naked Leader Conference 2015

Key How-Tos from Naked Leader Conference 2015

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Key How-Tos from Naked Leader Conference 2015

On 15 October I chaired our annual flagship leadership conference. It was a complete sell-out with over 100 leaders from 40+ different organisations attending and speaking.

These are the one line calls to action – most powerful how-tos – that I took from each speaker:

Theme: Your future take it or lead it (Let it happen, or make it happen)


David Smith – CEO Global Future and Foresight – The future is coming ready or not – it is the choices you make that will determine your success. Change is inevitable – choice is optional, including whether you thrive, survive or don’t.

Steve Capper
– Global CTO Aecom – You are capable of achieving anything you want – “if I can do it with my
background and lack of qualifications, then anyone can.”  

Léon Benjamin –
Co-Founder Sei Mani – far more is always achieved through co-creation, co-operation and collaboration than by competition.

Elsa Critchley –
People Director Standard Life Investments – When communicating be clear what you want from your audience – what is for information only and on what are you asking for their input, help and ideas.

Jules Peck –
 Naked Leader Specialist – Mindfulness – STOP = Slow down, Take a few breaths, Observe and Proceed, and doing so each day will positively alter the shape of your brain, your wellness and your life.

Maryanne Matthews – 
CEO – EY Foundation – Young people are assets not liabilities




Teresa Reynolds – Princes Trust Young Ambassador “One day I was so low I realised the only thing I have to offer the world is me – so why not be that” (There will be a special NL Weekly on Teresa, in November).


Gavin Preston – Naked Leader Specialist – In the hype of all this ‘Just-Do It!’ don’t forget to plan – and when you have done, make a true decision.

Glyn Morris
– Finance Director Higgs and Sons – Innovate on simple things that relate to people’s day to day work.



Gavin Graveson – Chief Operating Officer Veolia – Business can transform to make the world a better place.  Gavin spoke about Veolia’s Circular Economy.


Ray Morgan – CEO Woking Borough Council – Don’t be afraid to shake things up a bit.



Justin Anderson – Founder, Chairman and CEO – Flexeye – be aware of what is happening in technology, innovation and ideas out there and select just one thing that will make a big difference for you, your team or your organisation.

The artistic genius that is Nick Yates from the BMA has illustrated each of the speakers’ themes.

A different approach to note taking – HERE

With my thanks to everyone who spoke, attended and planned the day

And my love and best wishes to you all



Please add your thoughts on the future below


4 Responses to Key How-Tos from Naked Leader Conference 2015

  1. I found the predictions for the future, especially the technical ones quite fascinating and then with it being ‘back to the Future’ day last Wednesday wondering how much of it I will see in my lifetime.
    My concern is computers taking over more peoples jobs and is it all for the good of the world long term.
    For me we need to always think of the what we are creating for the future, our children. Is progress progress?

  2. I didn’t make it, I made a choice to bring in some more money. I will look forward to the next event, the summary and notes from the event look inspiring. People definitely make the difference. Until next time I will be working on the goodness I can bring.

  3. Absolutely inspiring and Tom makes a valid point.
    Do you spend the time and effort on a seminar like this or do you stay and bring home the bacon?
    Speculating to accumulate?

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