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Kids Are Different – Naked Leader Revisits

PUSHING the boundaries. Most parents will be familiar those three words which suggest negativity in terms of a child’s perceived behaviour.

So how refreshing to consider an alternative. A DVD that dares to take on the concept of allowing a child a voice, in a positive way, so as to unleash the gifts of that young person as they strive to explore themselves and their identity. And in doing so, to earn the elder/mentor/teacher far greater respect from that child for allowing them the space to deliver their special and unique personality.

Kids are really different these days, by Alan Wilson ( opened my eyes to a new way forward, with its innovative, yet simple to understand message on how to get the best of your relationship with a child. To accept an answer from a child as a creative idea to explore, rather than a right or wrong answer. Thus giving an open and potentially positive avenue of discussion, rather than a closed, negative one. To listen, rather than to judge. After all, a world where we expect a right and wrong, or black and white answer, can take away the  potential for genius in all of us.

As one contributor suggested, ‘to structure an adult framework around a child who now has a nano-second ability to learn and understand is crazy.’ Stifling a child because of our obsession with analytical and logic can be detrimental to their evolution too. ‘Has your child got an unexplored vision for the world?’ is a question raised in the narrative and surely it is within every individual’s compass to at least give our children a chance to communicate it.

The title is revolutionary in itself. Think about it and the emphasis could be placed on each of the words in the name, with equal relevance, simply because of the extraordinary advances made in every aspect of humanity in the past 30 years. Kids are different. Kids are really different and kids are really different. They are also really different. As are these days with the advent of technology and all that it entails.

Alan Wilson’s robust and authoritative concept could spark positive connectivity around the globe if only people would give it a chance.

If your child is consistently pushing the boundaries, dare you ignore it?


2 Responses to Kids Are Different – Naked Leader Revisits

  1. One of my children is particularly good at questioning me better than any coach, why I am doing things and is that what I really want!
    It does make you feel a bit uncomfortable that your child (‘the one that you should be guiding’) is questioning your actions/ beliefs. Particularly when they are right and it’s something maybe you have been doing for years!
    It’s great to listen to them and feel proud that they question and have their own views, after all you had something to do with this!
    I’ve found going out for a lunch or to a café, just the 2 of you works, and when you are there it’s important not to bring up the untidy bedroom/ homework etc. (otherwise it’s like you’ve set up a telling off trap and they won’t want to do it again) and just chat.

  2. I like the idea of going for a meal or a drink, just for the sake of having a chat.
    The Alan Wilson method is such a good one and well done to him for following through his beliefs and making us all stand back and think, really think, about how we should be interacting with our children.

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