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Leadership and “rejection” from a different perspective – two super-gurus

Naked Leader Week – 128 (w/c Monday 31st October 2005)

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 Leadership and “rejection” from a different perspective – two super-gurus


Is there something you would like to invite someone else to do in your life, in your team, in your business. Bring it to mind as you read this:

Last week I had the great honour to share a platform with Jack Canfield, mega author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” and many others, and I was also reminded of a famous quote from Peter Thomson.

 Jack shred a way he has been illustrating the false power that rejection has over us, with the following example:

 He asked a member of the audience, Samantha, the following:

 “Samantha, would you have dinner with me this evening”

 She smiled and said “no, thank you”

 To which he said “Now, how am I doing? Some people would say I have been rejected or knocked-back or another inspiring thought. I don’t see it like that – was I having dinner with Samantha before I asked her? No. Am I now having dinner with Samantha? No. So, I am exactly where I was a few minutes ago.”

 He then used the same example for customers (“were they a customer of yours before you called them? No, and are they now? No – nothing lost, nothing gained”).

 And, of course, while some would say that one doesn’t need to ask someone to be in the same situation as before – there is always the chance, always the possibility, that whoever you are asking, will say “yes.” And if you never ask, you will never know.

Peter Thomson has a brilliant phrase for this – “Some will, some won’t, so what?”

So, what are you going to do now?

Go for it, with your biggest “risk” being that you will end up exactly where you are right now, or not, and always wonder – “what might have been?”

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