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Leadership from a different perspective – a very different perspective

Naked Leader Week – 236 (w/c Monday 3 December 2007)

Leadership from a different perspective – a very different perspective

Thank you for reading this far.

 Of all the words I have written in The Naked Leader trilogy, those are my proudest – they are the first six words in The Naked Leader Experience (link).

No, I kid you not (and those are the next five!) – with only 10% of business / leadership books ever read beyond the first chapter, only 1% ever finished, and many never even opened in the first place, I can say with Experience (sic) that the biggest compliment to any author is having their book opened, started and completed.

I was on a radio book programme when I discovered these statistics, and the presenter asked me to summarise my books in a single sentence, so I did:

The Naked Leader – Your Future – Your Choice

 The Naked Leader Experience – Your Future is still Your Choice

 The Naked Coach – Your Future is still Your Choice – so get off your backside and do something about it (and help others to do the same)

And it got me thinking – not about my books, rather about all of the ideas, guidance and advice out there – that we all want to know, that we want to make happen, that we never have the time to find out, in the first place.

So, today, I am starting a book club with a difference, and I invite all authors, readers and leaders to join – welcome to The Naked Leader Book Club – the shortest book club in the world – stripping away the hype, jargon, mystery and majority of words from most books – to find the very essence. In other words, inviting leaders, readers and authors to summarise the overall key message of any and every book, in as few words as possible, for the benefit of others.

Authors, don’t be downhearted, it may even encourage people to buy them! We would love you to put them on our web-site.

I invite you to save people time, money and expertise!

Together, let us build a library of the very best business/leadership/personal development books – which we never had the time to read.

With love to you all





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