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Leadership from a different perspective – Hull, UK

Naked Leader Week – 157 (w/c Monday 22 May 2006)

Leadership from a different perspective – Hull, UK

 Please forward this to anyone and everyone you know in Hull, my aim is to reach everyone in Hull and say…

 I am so sorry.

Picture the scene, I am writing away on a book and reach this point:

My career was finished; never would I speak anywhere again. I would retire to…

 I remember pausing. Where would I put that would not upset anyone? Then I had two bizarre thoughts, on top of each other:

Don’t worry David; no-one is ever going to read this, so just write anywhere

The second was something I was asked at a party:

“What is the only league football team you can’t colour in?”

“Hull City”

So, I wrote: “Hull”

Big mistake. Massive. Because since publication I have received many e-mails from people in Hull, people from Hull, and people who love Hull.

I have been even been invited for a weekend!

So, please let me set the record straight, I am sorry that Hull came to mind in that moment, and no, I won’t change it for future editions, it will stand as permanent testament to my ignorance.

The leadership moral of the story?

None, I just wanted to say sorry…

And to wish all of the leaders, companies and residents of that fine city, the Riviera of the north, my very best wishes…

With love to you all



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