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Leadership from a different perspective – Leon Benjamin

Naked Leader Week – 115 (w/c Monday 1st August 2005)

Leadership from a different perspective – Leon Benjamin


Leon knows the web, he understands connections and he sees the future…

His desire to connect people, and to change our world for good, is total.

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There is a spectre haunting the world, the spectre of peer-to-peer.  It has brought the entertainment industry to its knees, generated millions in political and charitable donations overnight, and connected people in the most profound ways. 

 It is now affecting the way we work bringing with it, the reality that large numbers of individuals forming new types of organizations across space and time is, historically speaking, a new phenomenon.

 It will affect us all in the next decade, and these changes will take most people by surprise.  It describes the emergence of extensive, global networks of people who want to work and conduct business in completely different ways, which are at odds with the traditional nature of the firm and its command and control nature. 

 A world where powerless leaders rule ok?  A world when as Jim Collins says “companies increasingly assume that what they stand for in an enduring sense, is more important than what they sell”

 In this networked world, value is no longer vested in things but ideas and creativity. These invisible, intangible assets now determine the likelihood of personal success and prosperity for those who can create them.  Ideas, like diamonds, are mined from the creative sub and super conscious of the human mind. They emerge from people not the ground, or factories or offices. 

 We will see more changes in the nature of work in the next 10 years, than we’ve seen in the last 200 years, signaling a shift in power to the individual – a time when the spectre of peer-to-peer will be less about haunting, and more about ushering in a radically new way of working, and a different way of doing business. 



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