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Leadership from a different perspective – Lisa Gibbard

Naked Leader Week – 201 (w/c Monday 9 April 2007)

Leadership from a different perspective – Lisa Gibbard

Lisa is someone I greatly admire – an ambitious, authentic, charismatic leader. That said, I have never met her family…

 In the month of December as per the norm in a traditional Irish family, a late night of drinking in the house took place. With my parents already in bed, my cousins continued to drink until the Vodka was depleted. To avoid owning up to the excess drinking and for a practical joke, they decided to refill the bottle with water.

 With Christmas upon us and the traditional priest visit the next day, my parents offered him a ‘little tipple’. Conscious that he had mass to say later on, he agreed to a small Vodka and lemonade! This went to two, then three at which point he said he mustn’t have anymore as he was starting to feel somewhat tipsy!

 Needless to say, he had been drinking “water and lemonade” and my parents only found out months later. My mother was horrified to think she had been giving our priest water!

 It got me thinking – is the power of the mind that strong, that because he believed it was Vodka…

 …Or was he just being polite?


 Thank you Lisa. I say choose the meaning that serves you best…and I prefer the first.

With love




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