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Naked Leader Week – 226 (w/c Monday 24 September 2007)

I am so excited! We are finally launching our new style website and community forum today

I believe that leadership starts with you, at a very personal level, and that your experiences, ideas and unique perspective of life make you an ideal person to share all of this with other aspiring leaders. Our new website coupled with the naked leader community provide a  great forum community discussion, polls, views questions and answers to grow and develop yourself while helping others to do the same. It will be flexible in its approach and we are planning to add more facilities over the coming weeks and months.

As a member of the naked leader network you will receive a new signon and password for the new website in a separate email. Your old login to the old site will be redundant as we are now using an entirely new system which will generate new initial passwords for security purposes.

We’re really pleased with the new site. Its focus is on you as your very own naked leader and you will be able to contribute and share at a whole new level! We are confident you will appreciate the difference.

You will continue to receive the weekly nlweek and in addition be able to

  • Read and respond to David’s new leadership action log
  • Start threads for discussion
  • David will be scheduled time in the chat room on specified dates (coming soon)
  • Vote in the polls for your top leaders, books etc
  • Leave comment and discussion on the nlweek
  • Make suggestions for site of the moment
  • Be able to search everything public for help
  • Find information on many more events – promote your event on the nl event calendar for a small administration fee
  • New look shop
  • And much more….

There will be more features added as weeks go by – the next release will be the chat room in a month’s time.

Please do me a huge favour….. please will you visit the new site/forum as soon as you receive your signon, change your allocated password to something you can remember, add some feedback or comment, and make yourself familiar with your new home. In future when you need inspiration a lift or practical advice this will be your first port of call. I have been struggling under the number of emails I get with comments, suggestions challenges and feedback and have regrettably been unable to reply to many. I do appreciate all your emails – it’s time to share all your nuggets and questions with your fellow leaders – let’s not keep them between ourselves. I will be a frequent visitor to the site and will get a great sense of connection when I read your contribution.

With my very best wishes




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