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Leadership from a different perspective to yours!

Naked Leader Week – 147 (w/c Monday 13 March 2006)

Leadership from a different perspective to yours!

 Once we have a belief about leadership, life, anything, it is very important for us to be “right” with that belief. And so we go in search of evidence supporting that belief. Newspapers know this well, and their opinion pieces and headlines are written to appeal to their readers’ beliefs and attitudes. One of the best pieces of advice I ever received was to read books of different opinions to my own. I often say that in leadership there are no answers, only choices, so, here are some books with opposing views.


Business is great, or not? Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand The Corporation by Joel Baken
Investment is a good or bad thing?


“Greed Is Good: The Capitalist Guide to Investing,” by Jonathan Hoenig “Beyond Greed and Fear: Understanding Behavioral Finance and the Psychology of Investing,” by Hersh Shefrin:
A great CV is absolutely critical “Don’t Send a Resume: And Other Contrarian Rules to Help Land a Great

Job,” by Jeffrey J. Fox:

“Essential Managers: Writing Your Résumé,” by Robert Heller:


Christianity and  Psychology are compatible “Soren Kierkegaard’s Christian Psychology: Insight for Counselling and

Pastoral Care,” by C. Stephen Evans:

“Why Christians Can’t Trust Psychology,” by Ed Bulkley:


Losing weight “Don’t Count Calories!,” by Fred Kerner and Leonid Kotkin: “The Ultimate Calorie Counter,” by Sheila Buff:


Moon Landings!


“A Man on the Moon: The Voyages of the Apollo Astronauts,” by Andrew Chaikin: “How America Faked the Moon Landings,” by Charles T. Hawkins:



Many people tell me the nearest to an opposite of The Naked Leader is “The Selfish Gene” by Professor Richard Dawkins. I am not so sure, however whatever you think, let us all rejoice in there being so many choices out there.

With respect to your beliefs and opinions, whatever they may be




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