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Leadership from a different perspective – yours

Naked Leader Week – 96 (w/c Monday 21 March 2005)

Leadership from a different perspective – yours.

 The Naked Leader is not about me, it is about you, and nl week reflects this in three ways:

1.You decide what is written – send me suggestions for contributions, I particularly seek views that differ or disagree with those of Naked Leader –

2. Anthropologists suggest we each have around 30 trusted people in our lives – please forward to your 30, amending anything you wish, and if you wish, remove any reference to Naked Leader.

3.Connect with other forces for good – We will connect 1m people together by the end of 2006.

 And so we move towards Naked Leader Week 100, when all of the wonderful ideas that you have sent, to connect the forces for good in our world, will come together. Meantime, we have an opportunity for a few weeks of your thoughts and contributions:

This week, thanks to Clare Birken, who has recently suffered a sad loss, and who found  closure with this famous poem:

Do not stand at my grave and weep

I am not there I do not sleep.

 I am in a thousand winds that blow

I am the softly falling snow.

I am the gentle showers of rain,

I am the fields of ripening grain.


I am in the morning hush,

I am in the graceful rush

Of beautiful birds in circling flight,

I am the starshine of the night.


I am in the flowers that bloom,

I am in a quiet room.

I am the birds that sing

I am in each gentle thing.


Do not stand at my grave and cry.

I am not there. I did not die.

Author: Mary E. Frye

With my love to you, wherever you are

David X


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