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Leadership from a different perspective – yours

Naked Leader Week – 90 (w/c Monday 7 February 2005)

Leadership from a different perspective – yours


The new will be the first ever global leadership portal, connecting leaders throughout the world.

It’s content will be largely driven by you, and the next three NL Week’s are asking for your favourites, which will be compiled together.

Last week I asked for your top three leaders, thank you for the response, which has been overwhelming. will also be your Gateway to the top leadership web-sites, as voted by you, events where you are speaking, grapevine, as grown by you and most importantly your leadership initiatives.

Please, send me what you are doing in leadership. Our aim is to be the first port of call for leadership in the world, and we will carry coverage of any and all initiatives.

Please provide as much information as possible, in as few words as possible!

e.g. The name of the initiative/event, background, why you are doing this, the outcome you want to achieve, what you want from people, their commitment in time or money (and whether it is for profit or not) – this needs to be crystal clear, how this helps leaders, organisations and/or the world.

Bring YourSELF to Work Day

As an example, a very good friend of mine, Brinley Platts and a team of leaders have come up with a brilliant idea – Bring YourSELF to Work Day and it is on 9 February.

The Naked Leader would never have happened if it hadn’t been for Brinley’s faith in me, so I personally urge you to support this innovative idea.

Please – right now, send this on to anyone and everyone who is a bit down at work, who wants to change their organisation in any way, or who just wants to spread the word that we are who we are, 24 hours a day, so let’s be our true and amazing selves each and every day.

Over to Brin and his team:

 Isn’t it time for people to be themselves at work?

 First international Bring YourSELF to Work Day launched on Wednesday 9 February by a team of business professionals.

 Wednesday 9 February sees the launch of a pilot annual Bring YourSELF to Work Day involving thousands of people who work in large corporations, government departments, smaller businesses as well as the self-employed. As the campaign gains momentum, it is expected to reach participants in 120 countries and encourage people to have a fulfilling work life that is creative and inspirational as well as paying the essential bills. This is a not-for-profit day that anyone can take part in regardless of location.

 Bring YourSELF to Work Day aims to create an annual working day when people choose to be more “present” and more fully self expressed in their work places.  It is based on the conviction that too much energy is wasted by being one person at home and a completely different one at work.  Once people have tried it for a day, the organisers hope it will become a daily habit.

 On the day, people will choose to be more authentic by showing others more of who they are outside of their work lives.  They may do this by sharing more of their dreams and aspirations with others at work, by being more relaxed, and open, by talking about their talents and interests, by being more respectful or kind, by listening more, or by having some fun – any quality that comes naturally but which gets lost in the daily ‘busyness’ of work pressures.

 The idea is simple, yet the effect of doing this will be to give others permission to be more self expressed too, and a greater appreciation will grow of what we can bring to the job and to each other.

 The Bring YourSELF to Work campaign has been conceived by a group of international life and business coaches assisted by a range of professionals from various fields. The original inspiration for taking action now came from Brinley Platts as part of his Landmark Education Self Expression and Leadership Programme.  Other members of the leadership team: Rob Hawley, Gill Barstow, Kate Burton and Ian Linnegan have given their time freely to the campaign so that participation can be free and open to all via the website at

Says Brinley: ‘Today, many of us don’t expect work to be particularly fulfilling; we put in the hours and we collect our wages, that’s the deal. If we want to be creative or inspirational, loving or self-expressed, we do this outside work. This leads to a predictable future of “getting by”.

 He adds: ‘So imagine if we don’t just “turn up” for work with the bare minimum to get the job done. Suppose we arrive one day with all our resources: with our passion and our creativity, with boundless energy and a dogged determination to get a better result. Suppose we are prepared to challenge old methods when we can see a better way; we are prepared to champion new thinking and new solutions; we are prepared to address old grievances in new and constructive ways?  Could that lead to a better, more productive and more fulfilling day’s work? Wouldn’t that be more fun?  This is what Bring YourSELF to Work is all about.”

To find out more about the day, visit the website at

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