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Leadership from a different perspective – yours

Naked Leader Week – 103 (w/c Monday 8 May 2005)

Leadership from a different perspective – yours

 Many of our role models in life are famous, many more are not. They achieve their successes quietly. One such person is Peter McCartney, a man I met a few years ago while facilitating one of my first ever leadership events.

Last week he wrote to me out of the blue, not to be in this newsletter, just to say “hi.” As I read his e-mail I felt so proud of him – here is a leader who not only dreams, he makes them happen.

Well. “hi” Peter and thank you for your permission to repeat what you have achieved –   you are an inspiration to me and I am sure to everyone who reads this:

Hello David,

 We met in 2002(ish)…You may recall that I shared my dream of finishing a marathon… . In June of 2003 I finally achieved that dream, completing the Blackpool Marathon, and it was just as I had envisioned… I used the power of positive thought, inc. setting my goals for the run (I’m not a natural runner, so finishing time was ranked 5th as a goal – more important were : finishing ; enjoying it ; saying I’d do it again one day ; my kids and wife having enjoyed the day supporting me). A great result on the day.

 In the following 20 or so months I looked for a new sporting challenge. Judo is the answer – it hits all the buttons :  doesn’t impact time wise upon my family (it is at 8:30pm once a week) ; is a challenge ; has a sense of progression (grading) ; shows me to my kids as a good role model (sport, challenge, respect and fitness) focuses my mind on a goal (black belt in 5 years time.

 Most barriers are in the mind – and the hardest step is to walk through the door. I’ve done that now, and reset my goals. When I was 26 I had two goals – (1) to get an MBA, which I did 7 years later, and (2) to run a marathon, which I did 13 years later. Having something to aim for is a major need, and when a new goal comes about (e.g. Judo) you just ‘know’ that it is right for you.

 I met my Judo teacher via my son’s school – when the pupil (me) is ready, the teacher will appear.

 Stay positive.

 Best regards, Pete.  

 Thank you Peter – stay positive, full of hope and love for those whose lives you touch, at all times.




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