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Leadership from a different perspective – yours.

Naked Leader Week – 98 (w/c Monday 4 April 2005)

Leadership from a different perspective – yours.

The Naked Leader is not about me, it is about you, and nl week

reflects this in three ways:


  1. You decide what is written – send me suggestions for contributions, I particularly seek views that differ or disagree with those of Naked Leader –

      2.  Anthropologists suggest we each have around 30 trusted people in our lives – please forward to your 30, amending anything you wish, and if you wish, remove any reference to Naked Leader.

      3.  Connect with other forces for good – We will connect 1m people together by the end of 2006.

 And so we move towards Naked Leader Week 100, when all of the wonderful ideas that you have sent, to connect the forces for good in our world, will come together.

Meantime, we have an opportunity for a few weeks of your thoughts and contributions, this week from Steven Orr and Tony Westwood, who are applying Naked Leader principles to golf:

The power of the mind in golf

 The power of the mind in golf cannot be overstated. At the highest level of the game technical expertise is a given. What truly makes the difference is the ability to control the mind, particularly under pressure.

Ask any golfer the importance of any standard what percentage of the game is mental and rarely will you get a figure that is lower than 50%. On the other hand ask any golfer how much of their practice time is spent working on these mental skills and rarely will you gat an answer above 10%.

So, why is this?

We believe there are two reasons:

First, you can’t touch it. It’s much easier to attribute a great round to their new driver or their new swing, rather than the fact that they focused or concentrated better.

Second, lack of knowledge. Most people don’t know how to improve in this area and what information they do have can sometimes seem rather complex.

But, the principles of success are not complex and furthermore, you already have them within you and waiting.

What is it that makes Tiger Woods demolish a US Open field by 15 shots or to come from behind with five to play, while all around him crumble? It is exactly the same when you beat your best score by ten shots or for no reason hit one straight at the flag and watch it disappear into the hole for a hole in one.

It’s at moments like these you are staring in the eye of your true potential.

The power of the mind in golf is best summed up by one of the top players from yester year Tommy Bolt:

“The mind messes up more shots than the body”

By removing the interference you will achieve your true potential, FAST, and save a fortune on all those new clubs!

Tony Westwood and Steven Orr

I would love to hear of your experiences of applying the power of the mind to sports.

With all my love




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