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Leadership from a different perspective – yours, with Ben Zander

Naked Leader Week – 104 (w/c Monday 15 May 2005)

Leadership from a different perspective – yours, with Ben Zander

 A year ago this week, Rosalind and I had the great fortune to see Ben Zander at the Oxford University Union. Ben is the conductor of The Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, and he is the most inspiring presenter I have ever seen in the world.

It is in my memory as if it was yesterday. During the Zander experience, Ben plays a piece on his piano – Chopin’s E Minor Prelude. The choice of music does not matter – how we listen does.

So, please, select a favourite classical or relaxing track, and follow through the Ben story, now, as you listen…

Ben started to play, and as he did, he shared with us what we may be thinking…

‘Sounds ok’

‘I wonder how long it is’

‘What shopping do we need for the weekend?’

‘When does this thing finish?’

Ben then asked everyone to close their eyes and bring to mind someone dear to us who has recently passed away. Someone who we miss, really miss. Please, play the music again, and this time, do the same – from start to close, eyes closed, with every thought and emotion focused on your loved one no longer with you…

On a Wednesday afternoon in May 2004, I was present, when wonder came alive. With tears rolling down my cheeks, I was touched by an overwhelming loss, and deep, deep sadness, and through all of these feelings, I found closure, and joy, and inner peace.

We can all experience Closure – drawing a line on a bad experience and placing it in the past, on a memory without feeling bad, or closing a loved one lost, without forgetting them – indeed, their love inside of us seems stronger than ever.

Thank you Ben

And thank you




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