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Let NLP Get You Under The Influence

MAKE a date for November 13th and the Naked Leader’s NLP – The Psychology of Influence workshop.

The subject is chemistry – and no, this is not about Bunsen burners, test tubes and insoluble substances!

Rapport, hitting it off with someone, the ability to empathise with others – some people have it, others do not. Without effort, two people meeting can be like two different radio stations that share the same frequency – they on the same wavelength.

Naked Leader’s Bob Perry is a highly-acclaimed coach and mentor, specialising in advanced leadership, behavioural and communication skills for high achievers and ambitious leaders.

And he is at the leading edge of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) – the psychology of influence. No hype, no jargon, Bob reveals precisely what you need to know and how to put it into immediate action.

Gary Born, a recent delegate on the Naked Leader’s NLP workshop, commented: ‘I found Bob’s approach very effective – he is an excellent speaker and communicator, conveying when necessary an additional element through his body language and emotions. In the case of NLP, this is particularly useful, as it is partially learned through the words, but also (perhaps mainly) through experience and emotion. I attended with a a large group of mainly young professionals. I think a common goal of us all was to learn to communicate more effectively, and for me at least, I was also interested in finding better ways of managing my own mental states and emotions.’

Bob believes we can learn to be sensitive to other people, gathering information about what makes them tick through their behaviours, allowing us flexibility with our own behaviour in order to meet people in their world. His aim is to pass on the skills needed to become a phenomenal communicator.

He says: ‘NLP gives you a rich set of tools and techniques that help you understand the impact that other people have on you and that you have on them. Such as when you meet someone for the first time and you instantly click.’

The question is, as business leaders and high achievers, are you able to build immediate rapport with an audience? Do you possess the ability to empathise with that gathering, whatever their background, while delivering a key message which may be the difference to your business?

Bob sees this skill as a tool to enable him to connect with Naked Leader’s global client base, ranging from multi-national corporations to small businesses.

He has a unique take on the subject. He says: ‘Have you ever immediately connected with someone you have only just met? It’s as if you’ve known them for years and share the same beliefs and attitudes.

‘You don’t need to make an effort to get your message across and you can understand and empathise with their needs and priorities without having to struggle. You just ‘click’ straight away.

‘Why isn’t it like that with everyone you meet?

‘Conversely have you ever met someone and taken an instant dislike to them? Without being able to pin down what it is, they just rub you up the wrong way; you can’t tune into their wavelength and don’t see eye-to-eye. It is an effort to get your ideas across or to understand their point of view.

‘How do you deal with that?

‘NLP gives you a rich set of tools and techniques that help you understand the impact that other people have on you and that you have on them.

‘This is the power of NLP. It gives you insight, understanding, and the flexibility to decide to change your own behaviour so that you can establish rapport with everyone, even those with whom you don’t initially click.’

Reaching out to a diverse community requires real empathy and awareness, Bob avoids the ‘scatter-gun approach’, in which a message is delivered in the same way to everybody, without the capacity for maximum impact.

He tunes in to the cultural and social behaviours of the people he is talking to. His philosophy and gift for teaching serve him well and he continues: ‘These techniques will help you develop and maintain lasting, genuine rapport in any given context.

‘They help, for example, leaders become more inspiring and dynamic, managers become more effective and respected, salespeople more successful and proactive, and IT professionals more understood and positively regarded!’

Gary was impressed and continues: “Bob used a variety of exercises throughout the day, and these were helpful to me in gaining experience of the approach and practising them. 

‘It’s hard to identify directly the benefits of the course for me, as I’ve already attended a full NLP Practitioners’ training course and am a Licensed Practitioner.

‘However, Bob adds additional value by presenting the approach in a practical and compact manner, suitable for use in a business context.

‘Even with my prior training and experience, this served as an excellent refresher and has made it easier to apply the NLP approach when I wanted to use it. It was also an effective adjunct to an area of special interest for me, applying Mindfulness in a workplace setting.

‘I would certainly recommend Bob’s course, both to those wanting a practical and compact introduction to NLP, and also to those already trained in NLP.’

Interested in learning more? Then make that date for November 13th here, for the next NLP, The Psychology of Influence workshop, a high-impact event which delivers results.

You will learn the benefits of The Positive Approach, The Power of Language and How to Apply It, “Mind-Reading” and The Patterns of Rapport, as well as Practical Success, sustainable results for you and your teams. You will understand precisely how you and others think and act, giving you the tools to transform your communication, career and business leadership skills. It’s time to book.



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  1. Have come across this subject b4. Fascinating. It really does matter too, especially when presenting in front of an audience. You have to know who you are presenting too.

  2. NLP is a great subject.
    Knowing your audience is not always an easy thing so it’s a skill that is essential if you really want to make an impact in a talk or seminar.

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