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Meet Jeff Green, a man at the heart of social mobility

Meet Jeff Green, a man at the heart of social mobility

Naked Leader Week 827- 24 June 2019

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Meet Jeff Green, a man at the heart of social mobility

For our Leader Feature this month, Clive has spoken with Jeff Green – read on for an inspiring insight to his world – one without boundaries.

THERE are those who think outside the box and those for whom a box would never have existed in the first place.

Jeff Green falls very much into the latter category. After all, why contain ideas into an area of any size when life is bursting with opportunities for all?

Jeff is an outstanding entrepreneur with a passion and extremely strong track record in social mobility.

This is at the heart of everything he does, because it is at his heart.

And his ‘why?’ goes beyond passion, and into profit. In simple terms organisations that do what Jeff suggests will survive and thrive and have fun doing so, organisations that don’t, won’t.

Regardless of race, background or status, he is an advocate for people being able to achieve whatever they want, and he has led the way in bringing people together from all areas of society for more than 30 years.

The assertion that has encompassed his beliefs throughout has always been the same: ‘I believe in making the cake bigger for all and you can do that through social mobility and social impact,’ he says.

The values he holds dear?

‘Charm and charisma beat the usual ones,’ he adds.

Blessed with more than his fair share of both, Jeff doesn’t just possess the wow factor, some would suggest he may well have been the first to patent it!

One of those rare people that actually does stay in touch, he has built up an enormous and highly influential personal network with one objective – to motivate people to learn from diverse views, thereby creating more ideas, more innovation and more profit for everyone.

He is currently working on a book which will provide business leaders the tools to transform social mobility, impact and achieving revenue growth through diversity.

The overall impact of Jeff’s ‘think differently’ outlook has been to open doors previously not considered possible such as into Investment Management, Insurance and Private Equity Software, either as a role model himself or the recruitment of personnel into these sectors.

Today, he is an angel investor focusing on investing in female entrepreneurs whereby his team recruit and place leaders from all backgrounds into Non-Executive and Director positions in both listed and unlisted companies. This includes gender, ethnicity, faith, LGBT and the forgotten, age diversity.

Mentoring tomorrow’s leaders with his work with HRH Prince of Wales’s charity the Mosaic Network as an Awards Judge Chair has seen Jeff nominated for a Diversity Lifetime Achievement Award.
His beliefs tie intrinsically with Naked Leader’s ‘Just Do It’ mantra and, referring to Naked Leader founder David Taylor he says: ‘I like David’s two quotes – “your future your choice” and “celebrate difference”.’

‘Mine is “equal opportunities for all”.’

And so say all of us.

David adds: ‘Jeff is a champion for all who want to achieve something, and don’t know how, or don’t think they can. I chose him as a leader I admire because of our shared belief that everyone has value.’


– Thank you Jeff and Clive.

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