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Mental Wellness

Mental Wellness

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Mental Wellness

Mental health consistently focuses on what’s ‘wrong’ with us – mental illness.

We champion an alternative approach – Mental Wellness – what is ‘right’ with us.

Three fast and powerful ways to begin this in your organisation:

1. Catch people doing things right – they will be more likely to keep doing them.

2. Focus on post implementation reviews on projects that go well so you can map out repeatable success.

3. Ask everyone – yes every single person, for a strength, talent or passion they have, that would help your organisation that they are not currently having a chance to use on a daily basis – and ensure that they can, and do.

With my love and best wishes to you all.



4 Responses to Mental Wellness

  1. This is so useful. Companies often spend a fortune on perks and treats but it is the simple things like saying thanks and/or acknowledging when someone has done a good job that make all the difference.

    I like idea #three. Going to try that one!

  2. I found this on Facebook last night,
    ‘Never give up on someone with a mental illness. When “I” is replaced with “we”, illness becomes wellness – Shannon L. Alder’

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