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Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

mirror2Time to Reflect: Don’t!  …Act!

Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

‘What help, advice and guidance do you have for me?’

Yes indeed, many answers already lie within you, so make time for a coaching session, with yourself.

It will make a change from the judgements we make about ourselves when we look at ourselves – ‘you’ve put on weight’; ‘my hair needs cutting’; ‘gosh, you really are good looking’ etc.

We all talk to ourselves, some of us will have written a letter to ourselves to reinforce a commitment, now stand in front of you, look very deeply into your own eyes, and ask any question. Then wait, and answer it with your first thought.

Suggestion for the first question is above, or ask the most powerful question in coaching – ‘how’s it going?’ – Or anything you choose – after all, it’s now all down to you, and you.

And if you are alone, or feeling very brave, ask it out loud.

Not at work though, or to one of those mirrors on the bus, or in the toilets – unless, of course, you so choose.

With my love and best wishes

With thanks to Andrew Marks – the value guy twitter –@AndrewMHM

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10 Responses to Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

  1. I do lots of self coaching. If you find it easier to help someone else more then yourself, pretend it is your twin, what would you say then? (think I am risking sounding a bit crazy!)

  2. Motivating yourself with positive thinking and thought process is a great way to get pysched up. Sportsmen and women do it, why not businesspeople?

  3. I often make judgements about myself, maybe we all do.
    Not such a great thing to do, look in the mirror.
    Managers in sport often say about their players, ‘he needs to look in the mirror’ and yet what does that actually achieve.
    That same footballer, for sake of argument, will still look back and see that wonderful player on lots of money that he will always think he is, regardless of performance.

  4. Love the mirror theme.
    We could all do with looking in it from time to time to get an idea of what we really want out of life, and ourselves.
    Questioning ourselves is great, as we have to push ourselves to greater heights.

  5. How’s it going is a greeting a lot of use but are we really asking that question of people? Do we really want an answer?
    We should really listen to people because sometimes we use throw away lines and there is no meaning to it.

  6. I’m often asking myself why I did something? Why I reacted in such a way?
    A lot depends on mood.
    It’s why you should never react differently to children when they have been no different in what they are doing, it’s just that your tolerance level has altered. That’s not fair on them.

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