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Motorway Crash

Motorway Crash

Naked Leader Week – 283 – Monday 24 November 2008

On Tuesday 4 November the funeral took place in north Wales of a family of six who died in a motorway crash.

David and Michelle Statham, and children Reece, 13, Jay, nine, Mason, 20 months, and Ellouise, 10 weeks, died in a collision on the M6 in Cheshire.

A family tragedy – made the more tragic by the extinguishing of so many young lives, who had so much in store for them, if they had only lived

Including Ellouise, who had lived for just 10 weeks

My respect to this family and their relatives, this story made me realise how lucky we are, just to be alive – so, remind me please, what exactly have you got, to complain about?

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