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“My Customers are Revolting”

Time to Read – 5 Minutes

Time to Watch – 5 Minutes

“My Customers are Revolting”: Putting the marketing into Digital Marketing”

Last week I had the great honour to be invited to the Inaugural professorial lecture by my very good friend Professor Mark Durkin, University of Ulster Business School.

His main points:

Digital Marketing doesn’t exist – it’s actually just marketing

• Focus on your customers, not on the technology

• Everyone is talking about how to use digital marketing, instead ask yourself why

• There are Digital Natives (They have never known the world without The Net) Digital Tourists (Who remember the BI – Before Internet – days) – again, most of the conversation is how to reach the Digital Natives, and yet by 2020 these people will still constitute a small minority of the population in the UK.

Mark was formally thanked by Professor Stephen Spinelli Jr, President of Philadelphia University, who praised Mark’s ability to cut through the detail to present helpful conclusions relevant to today’s very busy professionals.

He (Stephen) then showed this wonderful clip from YouTube, from Saturday Night Live broadcast around 1979 – over 30 years ago!


With my love and best wishes to you all


11 Responses to “My Customers are Revolting”

  1. Hi David

    Thank you an excelent bit of information. Thich touched the precise cords internally on the contentional topic on Digital Marketing. I was most impressed with the views of Prof. Mark Durkin to matched with what I have been repeatedly presenting to internal Marketing and Management members. I would also take this further to many other subjects within most organisations where the business seem to hide behind lack of state of art technologies for their own performance shortcomings.

  2. The video is absolutely brilliant! Today’s topic came at the perfect time as I work on a project where the above applies perfectly! We are looking at digital banking technologies and implicitly marketing. Not to mention our other workstream working on customer segmentation (we should change it to the two above!) – as Aleksader of Compare the Meerkats would say – ‘Simples!’ Thank you!

  3. There are a lot of big words there and i agree wit the concept.
    there are times when we should almost just make it as simple as possible.
    Companies tend to do things for the sake of doing them rather than because they need to.

  4. That’s a coincidence my customers aren’t nice either. Not really revolting but not nice nontheless.

  5. Five minutes to READ! Love your timings David, and would love to know the basis behind your thinking on the reading of the article. Perhaps it’s just a random number you pluck out of the air but it always amuses me and is, as usual, great fun. Thanks again.

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