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My Letter to Santa

My Letter to Santa

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Dear Father Christmas,

santaI hope this e-mail finds you, and finds you well.

It is difficult to believe it is that time of year again. That wonderful season of goodwill, when we decorate our desks, go wild at our office parties and are really kind to each other, just for once.

I have been asked to write to you, and nominate presents for myself and my fellow Board members. We have all been very good this year, (me especially) and so fully deserve to receive all on this list on Christmas night. I have written a short sentence about each of us, so you can understand the role we play in the organisation.

Chief Executive Officer

(Who runs the company)

  • A weekend at a health spa to relax, refresh and recharge. Please ensure it has Wi-Fi and a strong phone signal, just in case…

Finance Director

(Who thinks they run the company)

  • An EBITDA – whatever that is. The FD talks about it in such a loving way, it must be real. Perhaps you can find one in the Pound Shop?

Sales and Marketing Director

(Who can’t run the company, because they would sell it)

  • A mobile phone that only works after 7am in the morning. Honestly, when do these people ever sleep?

HR Director

(Who knows who runs the company, and it’s strictly private and confidential)

  • A crystal ball – for seeing all those tricky people issues that are developing that seem to always reach HR too late.

IT Director

(That’s me – I want to run the company, and turn it into an acronym)

  • Anything that helps me be a little less lonely – only yesterday I was at one of my many networking groups of IT Leaders, and we were all sharing with each other how we have no-one to share things with.

And Santa, by the way, if you ever decide to make a career move, please give me a call. You have all the characteristics we are looking for in our company:

  1. Project Management – The ability to plan, work and deliver on time, every year – I don’t remember presents not arriving on time, ever – well done!
  2. No-one sees you delivering – just like all of us feel every day!
  3. You have to meet people’s requirements, and expectations, no matter how unreasonable and expensive.

And all of this when some people don’t even believe in you.

Well, for what it’s worth, I do

With my love and best wishes


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