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On the 1st working day since Guy Fawkes, 3 things for the bonfire

On the 1st working day since Guy Fawkes, 3 things for the bonfire

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bonfireOn the 1st working day since Guy Fawkes, 3 things for the bonfire

1. Competency Frameworks

Why? Because they create general all-rounders at a time when the only way to ensure you get the best from your people is to identify, unlock and unleash the strengths, passions and talents that they already have. Indeed, if people do not use the skills they have, those skills will weaken.

Replace them with: Asking people what they love doing at work, and ensure they get to do it (what we love doing, we are great at, and vice versa). When people enjoy doing something, it’s not ‘work’.

And: In doing so, you will create 3 times more confidence in your people – if you want to know how to prove and measure that this is happening, we can show you how.

2. Spreadsheets

Why? Ha ha,

If you are serious, it is the only way organisations will ever know what is really going on – that they get real – and it will hold your leaders accountable for tangible results – Accountables.

Replace them with: Answers – simple, clear and meaningful headlines on what key information leaders need to know, when they need to know it, so they can do their job. The reason that headline writers tend to be better paid.

And: Answers create 3 times more financial value, boring numbers create 3 times more cost.

3. Job Descriptions

Why? They are irrelevant – if you want an agile organisation your people must be flexible and work in different projects and activities across your organisation.

Replace them with: People Descriptions or Rolling CVs kept up to date by the people themselves.

And: This also helps to remove silos.

That will warm up your people, teams and organisations nicely.

With my love and best wishes


4 Responses to On the 1st working day since Guy Fawkes, 3 things for the bonfire

  1. Especially agree with number 1. I would add criticism and 2. tiered structures to my burning list. Criticism is just subjective opinion in negative form, lets replace this with what has been done well (Praise) and ask the question, what would you want to do next time to make this even better (Nurturing). There is nothing that kills confidence, passion and creativity like criticism (I’m trying to burn that). 2 Tiered structures create a trust and communication barrier like nothing else. I agree that passion and skills should drive your role and senior leadership is no more important than the technical SME. One talent is vision and the other is context, both crucial. Lose tiers and gain trust. Loving your bonfire David

  2. David,

    I love point 1 as they are poorly understood measured and executed if they were, the absolute worthlessness would be quickly realized. If you work out what you need, for a person and a role, then communicate it well and feedback continually, you develop the right competence within your team ! It’s takes time and care but it’s so worth it to see them light up the sky with new skills and confidence.

  3. I agree, worthless. Job descriptions? Whoever keeps to those/ You just need to do what’s needed to get the job done.

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