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One thing I have really noticed this week…

Time to Read and have your blood pressure reduced – 100 seconds

This week I closed a digital media event, worked with a board and continued our HR transformation with the Phoenix Group.

Across all of these, once I again, I realised the value of a small action that we can all do. One that is so much more valuable when we feel too stressed, too busy or in too much of a hurry to even contemplate such an action. This will help you to be calm, to help build your relationships and above all help you take more control over your life.

When you listen or observe another person, it will help you, at all levels, when you put your own opinions, views and judgements to one side, and simply notice what is being said, or done. That way you focus on the “facts” of the situation and get to the heart of what is being said. That way, you pay total and absolute attention to the person (the single biggest compliment anyone can pay to anyone else). And that way, you both move forward in your relationship.

A winner, all round, and as with most strategies that work, so very simple…while at the same time, being so very hard.

With love to you all


Poll – I don’t believe this will help me when I am already in a hurry!

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7 Responses to One thing I have really noticed this week…

  1. Sometimes the simple methods are the most effective.Taking out the emotion in what someone is saying and just listening to the facts is not easy.

  2. Emotions are what make us people. I can understand how listening to the facts can have a different effect on us and I am willing to give it a go.

  3. Great tip David – let me offer another one – when we're stressed and start to panic, (eg presenting or public speaking) the flight instict makes us want to rush to the end…try instead…deliberately slowing down, and regaining control. You might even enjoy it!

  4. I felt like that at my wedding. A speech in front of many is a daunting prospect. As Iain says, it's better if you slow down and not rush through, no matter how nervous you feel. I tried to slow down, enjoy it and after the first couple of sentences I did. End result was I wanted to get up and do it again. It gave me a real buzz. And that's from someone who had a fear of public speaking, and conquered it. To the extent that nobody in the room suspected my nerves, they all thought I was a natural speaker!

  5. Presentations were what got me nervous.Slowing down helped that process. And then people really can listen to what you are saying. The facts that is.

  6. I always listen to what people are telling me. Sometimes you just need to know the facts and you can compute that information without the need to get involved in the emotional side of whether you even like that person or not.

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