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Open Up For A Better View

KEEP an open mind. This helps us tackle painful or difficult issues in our lives. Don’t push them away or hide them under the surface.

Try to detach yourself from them and then let them bubble up to the surface. See them clearly for what they are and burst the bubbles. How many can you burst this week?

(Extract from The Greatest Personal Success Tips In The World)

2 Responses to Open Up For A Better View

  1. I guess this means tackle problems full on, which yes, is the only way to go.
    Leaving things festering only gnaws away at the mind and gets to making you feel negative about an issue you can nip in the bud, just by doing it and getting on with it.

  2. It means don’t have a closed mind on subjects, go into situations with a view to accepting something other than your per-conceived idea.

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