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Organisations know the cost of everyone, and the value of…

Organisations know the cost of everyone, and the value of…

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Organisations know the cost of everyone, and the value of…

…So very few

As I say many times, your people are not your number one asset – that continues to be one of the most ridiculous statements I have ever heard. Your people are your only asset. And that of course includes you.

So, the biggest survive and thrive question of them all:

How do you inspire, unlock and unleash all the talents in all the people that you already have?

(While attracting the best new people, and making and saving money)

Finding the answer to that one is the Holy Grail of leadership, business and success.

And here it is:
Unlock the Purpose, Passion and Personality in everyone in your organisation.
Not just in a chosen few, or in your graduates – in everyone.
Your people will find a Meaning, be far more Mindful, oh yes, and make and save you more Money.
  • Purpose – the ultimate engagement – find out why your people come to work and help them achieve that purpose (it’s probably fulfilment, being valued and money).
  • Passion – way beyond just strengths – ask each person for their number one passion and together find a way they can apply it each and every day.
  • Personality – the only diversity agenda that actually works – you do not want people to take work home, you want them to bring themselves to work. Their energy, ideas, desire to enjoy. Put in place a ‘culture’ that ensures this happens (If you would like a 2 pager checklist on how to do this by and for yourselves, email me

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  1. Received by email, requests for 2 pager checklist and still coming in…

    It would be great to have a look at the 2 pager you referred to below, by the way great Blog! Kayode

    I would like a copy of the checklist referred to in the latest newsletter. Des

    Can you send me a copy of the two pager checklist please? Geraldine

    I love your weekly articles and this one really resonates. Would love to see your check list as culture is high priority on our agenda and any grist to the mill will be helpful. Chris

    I would love to see your ‘culture’ checklist David. Tim

    Please can you forward to me the 2 pager checklist on personality mentioned in this weeks newsletter. Patrick

    I’d like a copy of your 2 page “culture” ideas, please. Janet

    I would love your two pager checklist about unlocking purpose, passion and personality! Best wishes for a great – passionate and purposeful day. Ann

    Very interested in your 2 pager checklist. Please send me a copy. Richard

    Please may I take up your kind offer of a “2 pager checklist”. Never too old to learn! Paul

    Thank you for your always inspiring pragmatic messages. Could you forward your 2 pager checklist re. how to put in place a ‘culture’ that ensures “we bring ourselves to work”. Sylvie

    I would very much like to have that checklist, please, David. Jeremy

    I’d like to see a copy of the two-pager you mention in today’s note below! Kind thanks, Diana

    I’d like that checklist please! Thanks. Paul

    I’d really appreciate a copy of your Culture checklist. Heather

  2. received via email…. David your answer to this one please…

    I am really surprised to see the word culture in this context; when I raised it in a session with Guardian EMG in 2012, I recall a very adverse response ! Andrew

    • Hope you are well and great to hear from you.

      Yes, I remember it well, I referred to “culture” as yoghurt – I am sorry if you thought that was negative, it was meant to be funny!

      I then went on to say that “culture” is you, and each and everyone in an organisation. It is that context, and the fact the word is embedded into the organisational lexicon, that leads me to use it.

      Really appreciate you connecting


  3. Received via email…
    My continued thanks to you and your team for your great newsletter which reminds me on a regular basis, why I love doing the stuff I do!

    Your 3 ‘P’s’ are beautifully timed as I needed an easy reminder to help me prepare for an interview this week and to ensure that I bring my authentic self to the discussion. I would be very grateful if you could email me your 2-pager checklist as that will provide great signposts for me to think of the examples where I have used these principles at work and with my clients.

    MY love and best wishes to you too

  4. Once again, david, enchanting, and as Claire says, engaging.
    Having a purpose.
    Haven’t we all got one and shouldnt we be sharing it? And seeking out others’ reason for being in a company is fascinating.
    You all achieve more when you communicate.

  5. Yes, NL Week is always such a lifting experience so thanks again for taking the trouble to write them, David.

  6. If people are passionate they are more productive so fully agree, find out what makes that person tick and bring that passion out of them.

  7. I think it’s important to give people a better reason to come to work than just because they need to earn the money.
    They will work better if they are happier.

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