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Our only real disabilities are the disabling choices we make.

Naked Leader Week – 207 (w/c Monday 21 May 2007)

Our only real disabilities are the disabling choices we make.

“It is for us to pray not for tasks equal to our powers, but for

 powers equal to our tasks,

to go forward with a great desire forever beating at the

 door of our hearts

as we travel toward our distant goal.”

 Helen Keller

Deaf and blind author, activist, and lecturer

On those days when you are feeling a bit down, or you feel like not giving or being your best, think about that moment when you emerged into the world. Did your mother say to herself on the day that you were born “I don’t feel like giving birth today, so I don’t think I’ll bother”.

Someone said to me at a conference “I am a born cynic”.

“Trust me”, I told him, “you’re not. If you were a born cynic, you would never have come out of your mother in the first place”.

“And”, I added, “you have only decided that recently”.

Please, show me a cynical child:

As the birth of my first baby is nearly here (2 months to go!), I wondered to myself what are the questions that might help him or her in life. So I decided to write this.  Maybe one day it will help my “little nipper”…

 Dear Little Nip

 In times of crisis, we empower, we have a go, and we forget the word “can’t”. We seem to go beyond any boundaries or limitations we once thought we had.

 Take time to wonder at the possibilities you might create for yourself every day.

 At times, we will think that we are ‘right’ and everyone else is ‘wrong’ and will go to great lengths to prove it.

 Friendships breakdown, families fall out and we even go to war to show that we are right and others are wrong… but at what cost?

 Idealism and getting the ‘right answer’ can be a great motivator and drive us forward, it can also get in your way and stop you from achieving anything at all.

 So my little baby – use these questions to help you as they have helped me to create the wonderful life and opportunity we are creating together:

                                                    Limits – what limits?!

  Am I just trying to be ‘right’ or could I be creating new amazing possibilities for others and myself instead?

                                           Am I making the most of ‘now’?

 We only have now!

 Lots of love

 Mum xx

 Fleur Wilkinson ~ Re-Innovate Ltd        

 Fleur works with a number of organisations helping them to create business benefits through coaching and innovation cultures.

 From The Naked Coach

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With my love and very best wishes




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