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Our Prime Minister shares his personal grief…

Our Prime Minister shares his personal grief…

Naked Leader Week – 347 – Monday 22 February 2010

Our Prime Minister shares his personal grief…

Time to Read – Two Minutes

Gordon Brown and his wife Sarah cried on TV and in front of a live studio audience last weekend. They were talking about the death of their daughter Jennifer, and fears of the premature death of son Fraser, who has cystic fibrosis – and their hope that a cure will be found. Few people, least of all me, can even begin to understand how they feel – no-one should ever have to endure the death of their own child.

Everyone is discussing whether he was “right” or “wrong to do this.

This “right” or “wrong” covers there angles:

  1. From a human being, personal point of view – the sharing of such personal feelings and grief.
  2. Whether as Prime Minister he should have done this.
  3. The timing – just weeks before a General Election.

My thoughts:

  1. This takes great bravery, and indeed, the ACTION I recommend this week is that if you have something pent up inside you that you need to share, then share it with someone you can trust. I don’t suggest you do it on TV though.
  2. His advisers are clearly concerned about how Gordon is seen by the public, from a personal angle. However, it could so easily have gone completely wrong.
  3. I am cynical about the timing. He could have shared this months ago, or even after the election.

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