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Our Three Beliefs

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Our Three Beliefs…In our tenth anniversary year of 2012, based on the organisations, business and non-business leaders we have worked with around the world:

Belief One – Everything you need, to achieve anything you want…

…you already have within you right now – it is your birthright to be the very best that you already are – to be successful, by simply being yourself.

Personal – This year, mentor someone less fortunate than yourself – a family member, a friend, or if you are really brave, a total stranger (perhaps a homeless person). Help them to see that they have more choices in their life than they may realise, to not let what they can’t do, stop them doing what they can, and to value and use the talents that they already have. All we suggest is that there is no exchange of money – that is too easy.

Business – Make your organisation self-leading – unlock the talents in the people you already have, break free of external leadership dependence and be in total control of your own future.

Belief Two – An entrepreneurial economy is the only way…

…out of global recession, to long term sustainable economic success, and to support a strong public sector.

Education – Every young person in every school must learn about business.

Governments – Make it easier for entrepreneurs to employ new people – if every entrepreneurial company in your country took on just one new person then unemployment would be wiped out, immediately.

Belief Three – Business is a Force for Good

…The overwhelming majority of business leaders are honest, hard working and dedicated to helping others through their charity, community work and leading their organisations in their Corporate and Social Responsibility programmes.

Business – Let us all stand up and champion business, and business leaders.

Media – Let’s have more good news and not just the same old doom and gloom – there is plenty of good news out there – social networks make this within our own control.

What do you think?

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With love to you all


11 Responses to Our Three Beliefs

  1. I agree with todays poll, however it would be nice to see business actually engaging in the debate on education and excepting that if we are to educate more entrerprising young people schools have to look at the wider aspects of education not just ‘fill um and drill um’. Curiosity, questioning, making ethical judgements, risk taking, reflection, empathy must be ‘taught’ and will not and never have been result from the ‘traditional, subject based curriculum, even it it does produce the grades. Business and HE need to get off teachers backs and strat actually supportig them, stop demanding students who can communicate and start thinking about what they and government need to do to enabe this to happen!

  2. Here’s my current state of mind on these issues.

    Belief One:

    I’d agree if it simply said ‘It is more than likely that everything you need, to live a happy and rewarding life……you already have within you right now’.

    It is my belief that it is simply not possible for ‘everyone’ to achieve ‘anything they want’ and the collateral damage and pain of false hopes that can be caused in an individuals quest to do so can be as harmful as the benefits gained should they succeed. Furthemore, not everyone wants to lead or even aspires to lead. Some of the biggest contributers (and happiest people I know) excel in being led and gain pride in implementing the actions of leaders.

    Belief Two:

    ‘Businesses learning ‘responsible capitalism’ is the only way out of global recession’. Or even ‘Busineeses learning they need to make ‘enough money’ as oppossed to ‘as much money as possible’ is the only way out of global recession’.

    Belief Three:

    I agree.

  3. I think we all DO have it within ourselves to succeed. The people who say that it is not true, and that failure through false hope is damaging, probably think that there should be no competition in sport at schools and that everyone is a winner.
    Life is not that simple I am afraid.
    We have to learn to winm and lose. To fail and to succeed. Because it is the failing at something that can drive people on to succeeding through trying again, and again, and again, until they do succeed.

  4. There is a fourth belief. The one that says we cant fail.
    I believe we all can succeed. It is making that transition from can to will that is thr tricky bit.
    Can be done though. Just keep doing it until it works.

  5. Hi David
    I would like to be able to print your words of wisdom in an A4 poster to display in the office, but this one in particular goes onto 3 sides of A4. Can you possible re-format to one side?
    Very best wishes

  6. To all Contributors – THANK YOU
    David is pleased to have created such interest and encourages dicsussion around the possible and the ups and dowsn of rainig people’s hopes people’s hopes – he’ll comment later when he’s free this week.
    I’m just going to mail a pdf of the NL week now to Alison – If anyone else wants one please let me know.

  7. apologies for the spelling I keep forgetting there’s no spell checker when you hit submit!!! everyone else manages though so I’ll just have to improve.

  8. This is a great form despite the lack of a spellchecker!
    It’s lovely that everyone has a view and is prepared to share them on a site where so many business people can congregate.
    I loved David’s post. And of course business is a force for good, and always will be.

  9. Beliefs are great if you are to emain true to them.
    And aspiriations too, just as long as you keep aspiring until there is no longer hope. Then try again!

  10. You can change your beliefs. There isn’t really a need to keep the same beliefs. Be true to one set, alter them, then be true to those.

  11. Beliefs are there to be upheld from the very beginning.
    You can’t change your beliefs without changing everything you stand for. That just doesn’t work.
    You either are someone or you’re not. Chnaging personalities halfway through on a whim seems a little shallow.

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