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Quick survey – who is walking, eating and sleeping properly?

Quick survey – who is walking, eating and sleeping properly?

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Quick survey – who is walking, eating and sleeping properly?

As we all learned growing up, there is a proper way of doing things, a clear right and wrong, and we must get it right!

So, have fun tomorrow:

Have a look around you.

Who is waiting for the train, properly?

Who is texting or talking properly?

Who is shopping properly?

Etc. etc. etc.

Driven crazy yet?


Then let’s stop leading in this way.

Everyone is different – let’s celebrate that.

Let’s stop benchmarking, and realise that everyone is distinct, diverse and different.

How wonderful is that?

As a leader and an organisation, avoid the false diversity agendas – gender, race, age etc. The ironic truth – everyone is diverse.

To embrace real diversity, unlock and unleash each person’s unique passions, ideas and genius

And realise there is no right or wrong way to, for example, watch TV.

Be yourself, always – your true, diverse, magnificent self, because that is all you ever need to be.

And help other people to be free, to be themselves.

It is powerful, and the results are amazing.

With my love and best wishes to you all – every unique one of you


4 Responses to Quick survey – who is walking, eating and sleeping properly?

  1. ‘Diversity is reality and Inclusion is a choice’–I fully agree with David’s comments above as we should be welcoming diversity in our workforces as a business imperative. I am a co-author of a new book ‘Inclusive Talent Management’ published in July 2016 in which we relate many examples of how organisations can be more inclusive and the business benefits it will bring.

  2. David – I have this year moved away from the term “sharing best practice”, it has always been for me veiled in negativity. This year I am going to just being more curious about the difference in others, be that complies , systems or ways which is much more positive. It also embraces everyone’s perspective, with no judgement. You blog really resonated this point with me.

  3. We are all individuals and we all do things differently.
    Doesn’t necessarily mean you are right in what you do, just different.

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