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Reach for The Heights

YOUR mind is rather like a loft – and I don’t mean it’s a large empty space where there’s no-one at home! It collects things over the years. In little areas or compartments. Much of what we have gleaned is no longer needed – and yet despite it no longer being useful we aren’t able to let it go.

Every now again we must clear the decks and make a fresh start with no memories of past failures or disappointments to hold us back. We must focus on the positive, making goals a reality. Self motivation comes from within – by being unaffected in either a positive or negative way by outside influences.

Why not dare yourself to be the best you can be and therein share in your secrets with as many people as possible? That way, your successes and achievements are multiplied.

Make sure you are proactive in taking charge of situations – and don’t let situations take control of you. Always try to over-deliver, ensure you build relationships and try and contribute to the success of others. Then you can develop a healthy self image, see yourself as a winner and you will feel able to take on any challenge and succeed.

Go on – reach the lofty heights with your self-motivation.

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  1. “and yet despite it no longer being useful we aren’t able to let it go.”
    This is so true and some people find it so hard to move on.
    Be strong with yourself… Does thinking about this help or hinder me? and when the answer is hinder, say thank you and good bye to it…
    This might sound bizarre but I imagine a little aeroplane with ‘no longer needed’ written on the side… the thought boards and off it goes 🙂

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