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Naked Leader Week – 20 – 8 September, 2003

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  • I hope you were all able to play the extract from book one sent out last week. I am sorry it arrived late, my fault entirely.
  • I was on Radio 4’s The Commission on Wednesday 10th – sorry not to give advance notice but I only learned two days after it was broadcast!. Click here to listen to the programme:

  • I have had massive numbers of e-mails about helping children and students with exams and I will record a cd on this in the autumn, available January 2004.

New Zealand

Last week I fell in love.

With a country, with a culture, with New Zealand. I was made to feel so welcome, and everyone was so welcoming and positive.

Sarah Thornton from Random House put together an amazing schedule, covering conferences, television and radio, and in just one week we discussed every aspect of leadership.

The over-riding message was not one that I took, but one that I brought away:

It is everyone’s birthright to be happy, successful, and to be the very best that we already are. This message is too important to keep to ourselves. And by connecting with others, we can help each others dreams come true, while changing our world for good.

New Zealand brought home the words of  Janice Duthac:

 We, humanity, are on this planet together, and we have to share this world, because we are sharing this world.

 To everyone in our world, no matter where you are, no matter what you believe, and no matter who you are, I send you love, warmth and happiness, always.




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