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Mean What You Say!

IT’S not what you say it’s the way that you say it, that’s what gets results!

Not quite the Bananarama lyrics of old but pertinent nonetheless when considering body language while communicating.

The irony of effective communication is that words have the least effect on the person you are communicating with.

A very small percentage of your effectiveness when talking to someone is about what you say. It’s how you say it that counts. The tone and the way you deliver your message are the all-important factors in making a sale. Then, selling becomes plain-sailing.

Use a tone that reflects what it is you are trying to convey – and practise it. Believe in what you’re saying. Engage with the person. That way, it won’t matter so much if, for you, words don’t come easy.

3 Responses to Mean What You Say!

  1. Speaking with the right tone certainly has the right effect on me. I am completely turned off when some people speak. The perfect example was the guy who was on the Apprentice. He had a lot of attributes. Ultimately, he didn’t have the voice to deliver the perfect sales pitch and his drone cost him the job with Alan Sugar, in my view.

  2. Didn’t I read an article on here once about making sure you use the right tone for phonecalls etc? Making the right impression in the first call to make sure you sound interesting? It’s good advice and I’m sure there’s an article somewhere about this very thing.

  3. I too will buy off someone if I like the sound of their voice and if they are a warm person. If they are dull and they give off the wrong vibe, I switch off. I agree, it’s so important.

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