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Secret Banta

Secret Banta

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Secret Banta

Let’s all play Secret Banta this year.

Lots of work teams are having fun with secret Santa at this time of year. We’ve another way to add good cheer and bring a warm feeling to everyone’s hearts.

Everyone writes their name on an envelope.

Each person secretly selects an envelope from the collection.

On a piece of paper, you write a sentence of praise for the person who’s envelope you have drawn – possibly something their boss should know about, what they are valued for amongst the team or are particularly gifted at. Pop it in the envelope and seal.

Get the team together for a drink and a mince pie, then each person in turn takes the envelope with their name on and reads out the positive thing that’s been said about them.

Go on – get the team involved in Secret Banta – it’s going to bring Christmas cheer to you all.

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12 Responses to Secret Banta

  1. Brilliant! Do it! Superb in the classroom too.

    – Also a great idea for those large family get togethers using funny anecdotes… notwithstanding the potential for explosive and contentious results. (NB I come from a very small family so my view may be blinkered!)

  2. That sounds a great idea! Wonderful to be told some positive feedback in such an environment at a special time of the year.

  3. An excellent idea for Christmas and can see a lot of families adopting this too to maybe give positivity to family members who may not know what others are thinking.

    • Thanks Francis – especially if there are teenagers who may not be 100% positive towards mum and dad every day of the year…David

  4. I did this for our staff Christmas meal yesterday and it went down an absolute treat – thanks for sharing a great idea

    • Hi Greg – Thank you for doing that, for sharing it and for everything you are doing as a leader in your organisation David

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