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Naked Leader Week – 22 – September, 2003

There is a disturbing growth in the number of “send this on to five people in the next 30 minutes” e-mails…

 This week I received over 30. Admittedly they are far more positive than the ones I used to receive, which had little or no substance and threatened serious personal harm if they were never forwarded. In my book I encourage people to forward these to me, and to date I have received many thousand, and hey, I am still here!

The latest theme is around life advice and friendship, both noble in themselves, but then comes the threat – forward these to your friends or you are not their real friend!

In my opinion, you are a real friend when you are there when someone needs you, not because you have sent on an e-mail.

I always invite you to forward these newsletters on as widely as they wish:

  • Only if you want to – and no harm will come to anyone who does not forward an e-mail
  • And to take off all reference to the source if you wish

If Aliens visited us on earth tomorrow…

 They would have such a laugh, and report back to their space-ship or planet:

“Indeed these human beings are a very strange grouping. They seem to have forgotten that time is now, and spend most of their thinking in the past and in the future! They worry, a lot, about life, but the illogical thing is what they worry about most. They worry about things that have happened to them in the past, which they have absolutely no control over and can never change, and they worry about things that have not yet happened, and what could go wrong! It is no wonder happiness eludes so many of these people.”

With love and energy, always.




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