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Seven Signs Of Hope Right Now

Seven Signs Of Hope Right Now

Naked Leader Week 873 –  26 May 2020

Time To Read: 75 seconds

Seven Signs Of Hope Right Now


7 Humour in a crisis – Those gifs and memes and videos have kept us in good spirits – special shout out for Tik Tok here.

6 Social Distancing – Has brought us closer together – saying ‘hi’ and chatting with strangers on walks is now the norm and communities have come together to help each other.

5 United as a world – We have a common enemy and – most – world leaders want to help each other, not hurt each other.

4 Gratitude for service – The ‘Thank You’ economy has already begun – we no longer take medical staff, key workers, teachers, bin collectors etc. for granted – may the phrase ‘it’s just their job’ never be heard again.

3 Respect for our elders – People have shopped and cared for, and listened to, this most vulnerable group like never before.

2 #nevergiveup has never been so true – our Zoom Well-Being calls with the NHS frontline, Hospice UK and Charities has given that # a whole new meaning. Thank you all – thousands owe their lives to you.

1 The world of business will never be the same again – when being a Force for Good – internally and externally – will be a given. At last, people will be seen as the only real asset organisations have.

With my love and best wishes to you all – please stay well



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