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Seven Ways To Write Clever-er

Seven Ways To Write Clever-er

Time to Read: Forever! 

Naked Leader Week 1038 – 28 August 2023

General Style 

1 Never write a brief, definitive statement: Ramble, dance around a point that you never actually reveal, write in riddles and then double back again 

2 Refer to examples that you have not mentioned before – as covered in point one 

3 Always equivocate or, at least, sometimes 


4 Never say what you want the recipients to do, and make sure there are lots of them by copying everyone you can think of – also blind copy some others just for good measure 

Show you are The Expert 

5 Include a phrase in Latin – or any IT/buzzword/jargon words and acronyms to show you are far more intelligent than anyone reading it – the more of these the cleverer you are 

Pre-Reads for meetings 

6 Send them out with an attachment that has nothing in it – as no-one ever reads them no-one will open it and you can just make some stuff up at the meeting 

Proposals for Customers 

7 Go on and on about yourselves and and how brilliant you are as a company, long before you say what you can do for them, which you can include as an afterthought – if there’s room  

Above all – Enjoy Yourself! 

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