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Naked Leader Week – 25 – 13 October 2003

Thank you again for all of your e-mails on Just One Day…to answer the most frequent question asked the idea came from members of the network, and was inspired by the wonderful film “Pay it Forward” Only 8 days to go to 1st November…

Please join me on the Society of Dreams Teleforum – Allard and Georgina are very close friends and two people who are changing the world. Allard has kindly asked me to open up a discussion about where the naked leader goes next, and to share some stuff from books two and three. It would be great if you could join us:

Tuesday 28th October, 3pm UK time (10am EST), 60 Minutes


From the UK: 0871 877 3375

From Overseas: +44 20 8485 3375

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You can register at

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We co-exist in this world, however I often wonder if we co-habit it – often we feel detached from others.

One evening last week at Frankfurt airport, while waiting for my flight, I walked around and looked at all of the people flying to so many different destinations. I wondered if I could tell the destination country, or even hemisphere, just by looking at those people waiting to journey there.

I could not!

Moscow, Sydney, New York, Cape Town, and many others, my success rate at guessing was zero, each group of people could have been flying anywhere.

And that is when I suddenly realised, there is no “us and them” there is only “us and us.”


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