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Submit a compliment

Submit a compliment

Naked Leader Week 883 – 3 August 2020

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I am seeing this more and more on websites.

Alongside the traditional, and no doubt oft used ‘Make a Complaint’ option, are those three words

‘Submit a Compliment’

No doubt before Covid, people would have found that quite amusing, thinking ‘are you having a laugh, that’s your job’ etc.

Now though, the world has changed – clapping the NHS and Key Workers around the world, leaving rainbows in windows and personal thank you’s on bins for refuse collectors.

And so I did – submit a compliment online.

Also, on the same day, on our daily walk, we passed some hard working guys resurfacing the road. It was a very hot day, and as we walked past we thanked them for doing what they were doing.

They were, to say the least, surprised, and after a pause they thanked us back.

Many people are predicting many things for the future of business, communities and the world – if part of what happens is we get to live in, and take an active part in a ‘thank you’ economy I think that would be rather wonderful.

Thank you for reading this.



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  1. Thank you for your positive post David. I found it uplifting and thought provoking. I often thanked people cleaning offices I worked in prior to lock down or when I’ve seen people emptying the litter bins at the beach… But your post has made me think I will look out for more opportunities to thank people eg:supermarket workers etc etc. Thank you.

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