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The Formula for Guaranteed Medals

The Formula for Guaranteed Medals

Time to Read: Twice round the velodrome track (once for medal winners) The Formula for Guaranteed Medals   WOW! What an Olympics Rio was Different, quirky, fun and so full of amazing sport, stories and surprises One of the biggest of those surprises was how well Team GB did in track cycling – they had not…Continue Reading

Train Yourself To Succeed

RATHER like the queue at a train or bus station – there comes a time when people want to get on. Of course, in life, there’s no need to climb aboard public transport to get yourself moving forward, rather, you can decide which direction to take and then set about doing it yourself. How? By…Continue Reading

How to Pass that Exam

Time to Read: 3 Minutes Maximum Time to Watch: 5 Mins 51 Secs (It’s worth it)  Purchase an MP3 of our Companion Visualisation track ensuring you are in the right state to study and Pass That Exam. Just £2.50 – money back if you’re not satisfied. How to Pass that Exam (please forward to anyone…Continue Reading

Lead By The Rules

BEING a good leader is not the sole preserve of the entrepreneur. Using recently-retired Sir Alex Ferguson as an example, it is clear from his absence in football that leadership can make a difference in sport, too. Leadership skills possess a universal template. Leading by example, creating a vision, focusing on the positives and copying…Continue Reading

It’s all about You

You are your number one favourite subject. You have to be – because, have you ever noticed, that wherever you go, there you are. Who else gets to spend 24 hours a day with you? In work – “Communication”, “Culture”, “Change” – they are all about you. So communicate and behave as you believe everyone…Continue Reading

Differences Make The Difference

Please add your comments at the bottom… many thanks. Time to Read : 1 min 26 secs Time to Listen : 2 mins 35 secs Time to Watch :  3 mins 31 secs Please forgive a bit of blowing our own trumpet. We just held our Annual Conference: Diversity – Differences Make The Difference The Seven Key Points from…Continue Reading

Naked Leader’s Got Talent!

IT is not only devotees of Britain’s Got Talent who are familiar with the term ‘Diversity’. Never mind the street dance group of that name, winners of the TV show in 2009, it is Naked Leader’s (NL) second annual coaching conference which takes centre stage here. Coaching for a Diverse Workforce was a topical theme…Continue Reading

Peter’s Project Passion Is Go!

WHILE not quite an astronaut in the true sense of the word, Peter McCartney’s self-styled NASA-esque journey has seen him become the pilot of his own destiny. Now he is aiming towards lift-off in a new chapter in his life in which his long-held passion for Naked Leader (NL) – and the belief in “self”…Continue Reading