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The Psychology of…

The Psychology of…

Time to be read: 184 seconds (give or take). The Psychology of… Why people – why you and everyone you know and meet – do what they do. New Scientist once wrote ‘The idea that people are rational, is risible’ – yes indeed, however, people are predictably irrational. On the 14th May, in a once only event in…Continue Reading

Differences Make The Difference

Please add your comments at the bottom… many thanks. Time to Read : 1 min 26 secs Time to Listen : 2 mins 35 secs Time to Watch :  3 mins 31 secs Please forgive a bit of blowing our own trumpet. We just held our Annual Conference: Diversity – Differences Make The Difference The Seven Key Points from…Continue Reading

Join The Brady Bunch

ARE you another Karren Brady? Do you have entrepreneurial spirit? If so, there is still time to enter the Everywoman awards. Nine years in, the nine winning categories recognise female business owners who achieve social or business success, often in the face of adversity. To make sure your free entry is accepted before the July…Continue Reading

Networking – Now Is The Time

SOME call it schmoozing. Others casual chat. Whatever your take on it, it is clear that networking is key to a successful business. Firms that don’t take time to introduce themselves to like-minded individuals when they get the chance could be missing out on opportunities worth thousands of pounds. There is value in it and…Continue Reading