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That’s The Way To Do It…

EVER wondered how to? How to what I hear you say? Well, how do do, almost anything?

I was perusing the Naked Coach other day when I came across David Taylor’s top 100 How Tos in business and coaching. The chapter actually starts with the heading: ‘The Answer’s Yes…What’s The Question? How’s that for positivity? So, as it is New Year, let’s have a look at five of those little pearls of inspiration.

1. How to….fine peace now…

Any thoughts you have that do not serve you – are not you. They were not with you on the day you were born and they are not a part of the true you. They have become attached to you, like Velcro, and can become unattached, in any moment that you choose. Perhaps now, or perhaps soon.

All you have to do is feel whatever you feel, and think whatever you think – and it may be that any fears you had are slowly reducing. Whoever you are and wherever you are, you may now feel a deep sense of calm, of warmth, of love, of peace, flooding through you.

And as you read these words, or as you simply go with the flow, perhaps you are now returning to your self. To the real you, the safe you, the true you. The you that always was. The you that always will be. The you that is right now.

2. How to….feel great in the morning…

Feel your pulse, listen to yourself breathing and hold your head high.

3. How to….put life in perspective…

Go and visit a hospice and ask if you can be with someone who would otherwise die alone. Or go to a graveyard and put flowers at the gravestone of someone you never met.

4. How to….be happy…

Have a rule of happiness, such as ‘I am always happy when I am above ground and breathing’, or, as a team, ‘we always respect each other as long as the sun is shining somewhere on this planet’ – both real examples. The first person is always happy except when he travels on the underground; the second team always respect each other.

5. How to….bring success down to one factor…

The single difference between people who achieve success and those who don’t – people who always achieve ‘success’ give any and every event that happens to them the meaning that helps move them closer to their dream.






4 Responses to That’s The Way To Do It…

  1. Love those How Tos, that makes me want to go out and achieve. Thanks for the article.
    I guess it’s the doing that counts. Don’t just read the How Tos, demonstrate they can be done. That is the achievement.

  2. Why am I even on here at Christmas time?!
    Just love How Tos too and wanted to comment.
    If you know how to do something you can then just get on and do it.

  3. These are great – (especially recognising that I really can do something about the little things that I spend ages worrying about – what a waste of my energy!). Thanks for these!

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