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The 2 Words used in a Police Raid that we can learn from…

The 2 Words used in a Police Raid that we can learn from…

Time to obey when you hear those 2 words: Instantaneous

The 2 Words used in a Police Raid that we can learn from…

…your organisation, you as a leader and all aspects of your life in terms of being listened to, being understood and being a persuasive black belt.

The role of our brains is very simple – to keep us alive – and to do that it has one primary activity – to conserve energy. And for that reason our brains love, adore and most critically, only truly understand, simplicity.


In our organisations, this is absolutely critical, because unless what your company does, your new idea or your communications messages are simple, then they won’t be understood. Because they can’t be.

And no-one on this planet will ever buy into, support or change their behaviour as a result of something they simply do not understand.

So, back to that police raid. Imagine for a moment that you are at an illegal rave in someone’s house. The first thing you hear is the smashing of glass, next, the presence of armed, threatening police officers in riot gear, and then you hear these shouted words:


Indeed, these words may be repeated:



And what happens? Everyone switches, in literally 5 seconds (the Met Police tell me that is their target time) from dancing, drinking, being on a different planet, to lying on the floor in total fear.


Now, imagine if the police adopted the same method of communications that we see in so many organisations.

Instead of ‘GET DOWN’

You hear:

‘Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I am Sergeant Evans from the Met Police ACDU, if you could manage to comply with the ensuing directives pertaining to your stance, directly, once my colleagues have divulged the requirements to you. We require you to assume a proven established horizontal prone position, arranging your appendages…

You think I exaggerate for a purpose?

I do not, I have enough examples to fill 3 books – here’s one I received last week (17 years after the new millennium, by the way):

‘Our unique, proven and collaborative approach of combining doctorate level theoretical analytics, strategy and world-class creative execution with out of the box, blue sky, new millennial thinking delivers ground-breaking, game-changing initiatives for ambitious brands.’

As Karl Sharman, Naked Leader’s Lead Youth Advisor, said to me last week:

“Apple built the world’s most admired brand on the back of simplicity, not pretentiousness”

So next time you communicate – make sure you include only words that can be understood by a young child, or deep down, by yourself.

With my love and best wishes to you all.



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