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The 3 Top Ways to Transform People into Profit, while ensuring…

The 3 Top Ways to Transform People into Profit, while ensuring…

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The 3 Top Ways to Transform People into Profit, while ensuring…

Your people are engaged, valued and fulfilled.

Indeed, you can’t have one, without the other.

Without people who are engaged, valued and fulfilled you won’t make profit, and without profit you won’t have any people whatsoever, so it won’t really matter how they feel.

By the way “profit” = surplus of income over expenditure, and applies in this context in all organisations – public sector, charity, private, listed etc.

OK David, we get that, so how…?

  1. Focus everything on your customer – Externally – that’s your external customer (not your  internal customers) the one that pays your salaries and keeps you in existence. And “everything” means everyone. Each person must know – and needs to know – how what they do helps your customers. So, no more support teams –  HR, IT, Finance, please step forward and take your place as core to “the business”. Finally ensure that people who are at the front line of customer service are empowered to do whatever they need to do to delight customers, especially when your customer wants something that is not within your guiding processes.
  2. Identify the 10% of activities that bring in 90% of your income, and stop doing everything else. And within that 10%, prioritise. Can’t be done? Come to our annual conference (link) and hear from people who have done it, and exactly how they did it (and made and saved a fortune). And this brings in the “M” word – money. A taboo subject indeed, however it is the most authentic thing of all – it’s where your organisation gets real.
  3. Put all of your teams, projects and HR around your people’s strengths, passion and personalities. Ask people their number one strength that is not being currently used in your organisation and make sure they get a chance to use it. Passion – what are people really passionate about in your company, in your team, in their role? And finally value people as they already are – their personality, by setting them free (within wide, defined boundaries, of course).

Or, if you are not going to do the above…focus nothing on your customer and be internally obsessed, keep being a busyness not a business, and whatever you do, never let people be themselves. Heaven forbid.

With my love and best wishes


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4 Responses to The 3 Top Ways to Transform People into Profit, while ensuring…

  1. Customers are the key to all success, without them, there is no business.
    Thought provoking as ever David.

  2. Agree totally, although having the right staff to look after the clients is key.
    Without good service, there is no busines, so staff have to be nurtured and looked after.

  3. It is why training is imperative. to put skills into people in order for the business to flourish.
    Staff are equally important.

  4. People in to profit?
    Skills, invest in training, load up their skill-base so that they can deliver the service your business demands.
    You can’t give a quality service without quality staff and delegation is crucial.

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