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The 7 Words that Build Trust, Rapport and Influence

The 7 Words that Build Trust, Rapport and Influence

Time to Apply: If you apply one a day – seven days

The 7 Words that Build Trust, Rapport and Influence

  • Someone’s name – the single sweetest word in the world, to everyone – use it, don’t overuse it.
  • “And” – use instead of “but” and witness the positive impact (warning – you will now shout at the TV every time to hear “but”).
  • “Because…” – people need to know why you believe something, or why something is so. The 3 dots after indicate you can’t get away with just “because” (as some of our parents used to!).
  • “Yet”. Oh, the power of yet (link to previous NL Week) – what a difference between “I haven’t achieved my dream” and “I haven’t achieved my dream, yet”.
  • “Could” – use instead of “should” – a telling off, draining judgement – “could” opens up endless possibilities.
  • If you don’t see the point of what someone is sharing or saying, we will often think and say “so what?” (aggressive). Instead, say “so that…?” (encouraging) – (with thanks to Elsa Critchley – People Director at Standard Life Investments).
  • And finally… Last and not least – my favourite word of them all Drum roll “Would”

Use it instead of “Can you” or “Will you”

If you have children instead of saying “Go to bed now, please” (or whatever you say – add “would” at the start).

Always works – and when it does please let me know

If by any chance it doesn’t, please keep it to yourself – I have a 100% record!

With my love and best wishes to you.

Please share your experiences below

8 Responses to The 7 Words that Build Trust, Rapport and Influence

  1. Received via email thank you –

    I do enjoy reading your weekly messages and particularly like the one below, which I intend to try at home on the kids …

    Kind regards

  2. Received via email thank you –
    A 100% record, I wish I’d learnt that when my kids were younger. At 20 and 17, a whole different ball game. I will try the on the 17 year old and test. Thank you.

  3. Received via email thank you –
    My colleague with has shared your latest Naked Leader weekly with me and I really liked it and the previous issues I’ve sneaked a peak at on your website too.
    Would it be possible to receive Naked Leader Weekly please.

  4. I do like to use and instead of but – but sometimes but is the only relevant word, but for one or two others.

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