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The Big Danger of Quoting from Authority

The Big Danger of Quoting from Authority

Naked Leader Week 804 – 14 January 2019

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We’ve all been there and heard it, and done it ourselves. When presenting, debating, even just having a chat, we quote from authority – an Historian, an expert, a book etc. etc.

My advice is – don’t, or at the very least, be very very careful

The big danger of doing this, is that there will almost always be an equal or opposite opinion / fact / research that supports the equal and opposite opinion

I would never call myself an authority – I am an ordinary guy and I speak from my own experience. That hasn’t stopped people quoting me to support their arguments.

Please, don’t, instead:

  • Form your own opinion and state it as just that – your opinion, or belief
  • Use your own personal experience and story to illustrate a point you wish to make
  • Instead of talking – do something – and see if it works for you

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