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The Biggest Little Show on Earth…

The Biggest Little Show on Earth…

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Naked Leader Week 1058 – Monday 29 January 2024

The Biggest Little Show on Earth…


Recommended to watch by our now adult son Anthony, this TV programme, he said, can be watched on two different levels – as a child and as an adult.

So we watched several episodes together – and he was so right – this is an Australian show for adults that kids happen to love.

By coincidence I then traveled to Australia to work with Veolia Australia and New Zealand, which included attending a seminar at Deloitte. During a panel session, in the midst of many boring slides, one of the panelists showed an extract from Bluey (‘Cricket’).

Its key leadership messages are many, simple and powerful:

Playfulness, humour and fun are the routes to creativity

As a parent or leader, be yourself, which means you will screw up now and again, and as long as your intentions are good, then that’s ok

And, overall, sometimes we don’t want a life or leadership or parenting lesson, we just want an ice cream.

And that’s ok as well 🙂

With my love and best wishes to you all



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