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The Comedy Store

The Comedy Store

Naked Leader Week – 295 – Monday 16 February 2009

The Comedy Store

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Last Monday evening one of my life’s ambitions was fulfilled

I played the world – famous comedy store in London (link to

Imagine – a 30 minute stand – up routine in the home of comedy, with a sell – out crowd of 400 lively hecklers!

Was I nervous?!

Actually, in truth – it was more of a 12 minute business focused stand – up routine, and those 400 people were actually very kind, supportive and forgiving

I was nervous, anyway!

Thanks to the organisers – The London Business Forum – (

We raised over £13,000 for Help the Hospices (

I learned many things that night – the three main ones being:

  • The best question to ask yourself before you go on, when you are feeling nervous – “Would I rather not be here, about to go on?” This can be applied to many areas of our lives
  • Many tips on how to interact with an audience – the top one is that when someone says something, simply repeating it, and pausing can get the biggest laugh – I learned this from a total master at his craft – Neil Mullarkey – go see him if you get a chance
  • I could never have done this if I had not spoken at so many schools over the last few years – I only realised this after the event – trust me on this one, if you want to improve your communications go talk to a school. The kids will be so welcoming, grateful and direct with their questions!

Oh yes, and a special mention to the top of the bill – Steve McDermott – quite simply the funniest, and most effective, speaker on the circuit

All that, and I got to wear my Woking FC football shirt!

With my best wishes





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