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The Death of a friend

The Death of a friend

Naked Leader Week – 346 – Monday 15 February 2010

The Death of a friend

 Time to Read – 3 minutes

At Woking Football Club, we recently lost our life President, Phil Ledger. I knew Phil for over 15 years – he was the club, and the club was him.

He was always around – until one day, he wasn’t.

He recently promised me that one day we would sit down together and he would share his stories, so I could write them down as a permanent record for the club.

He had lots of stories, like the time the lawnmower broke down and he persuaded a local farmer to let us have his sheep to graze on the pitch, to keep the grass short. And then the sheep found a way out, and started to wander around the streets of Woking…at night!

I was so looking forward to sitting down with Phil, and having some quality time together.

Yes, we were with each other several times a week, but that meeting never happened.

And now, it won’t.

As you read this, Rosalind and I will be at his memorial service in Guildford Cathedral.

I just wish I had told Phil what he, and his stories, and his personality, meant to me.

I think he knew, I hope he knew.

Today I am asking you to tell people that are close to you, what they really mean to you. In all walks of your life.

Before it’s too late.

With my love




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