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The moment that changed my life forever…or did it?

The moment that changed my life forever…or did it?

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The moment that changed my life forever…or did it?

As featured on How to Choose Your Life on Naked Leader TV Launching at midday Noon today.

Picture the scene – it is 2002 – you are driving on the M25.

Suddenly, and for no apparent reason, all of the noise and the cars and the feeling of being hemmed in, all hit you at once.

You stop the car, and you freeze.

You literally just stop, unable to move.

And this event causes you to never drive on the motorway again.

This single moment caused you to develop a phobia about driving on any motorway, and like many phobias, it happened in the space of just a few seconds.

Since then, you have tried everything that you can think of to overcome your deep rooted fear – all to no avail.

This is exactly what happened to Russell Garner, back in 2002.

We met in Lisbon a few weeks ago, at a conference, and he told me about his phobia, and how it was not just inconvenient, it was affecting his job, his family and his life.

Fast forward to Sunday 5th March 2017 – London. Russell is our first guest on Naked Leader Television’s How To Choose Your Life.

The premise of ‘How To Choose Your Life’ is that whatever we think, say and do, is always a choice – and our very bold outcome was that, using Naked Leader’s Behavioural Choice techniques, Russell would be driving on the motorway once again, just a few days later.

Through his own choice.

Ironically, Russell arrived wearing a Formula 1 cap – see picture. I thought that was good news and would work in our favour.

However, I have never – that’s never ever – helped anyone with a similar phobia, fear or worry. I thought that was not such good news and would work against us.

So, what happened next?

Over the course of this week, you will be able to see, and share Russell’s story as it unfolded. Episode 1 goes out at noon today, British Summer Time and the second at 6pm today. There will be a new episode released each day.

This is not magic, this is not hypnosis – you will see it all exactly as it was filmed…

With my thanks to a very brave man, Russell, and my love and best wishes to you all.


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